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Please fill out the form below with the items you would like to sell and we will reach out to you with an estimate of the value as well as shipping and payment details. 

In the items box please include the item's name, condition, model number, characteristics, and any other relevant information. 


Item 1: iphone 7, Black, Model: A1778, Used, Good Condition, Storage 32 GB

Item 2: ipod shuffle pink, Model A1199, Used, Okay Condition, Storage 2 GB, Bad Battery Life

Item 3: Fitbit Flex 2, Black, Brand New, Sealed in Box 

Item 4: Xbox One, Black, Used, Broken (Won't Turn On)

Need help figuring out what to sell? Here is a list of items that are popular.

- Videogames and videogame systems -

- Laptops -

- Routers and Networking Equipment -

- Phones -

- ipods and iphones -

- Speakers and Audio Equipment -

- Smartwatches and Fitness Trackers -

- Keyboards and Mice -

If you have a bunch of items you don't want to sort through please contact us and we can give you an offer for the whole lot!